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About the Mission Branch Committee queue Electric general election results to inform

2011-7-19   Source:   View:1328

Electric Co., Ltd. Anhui queue in accordance with the Communist Youth League Committee, "the main points of the Communist Youth League" in the "direct acclaimed" group demands cadres in the Party branch concerned queue Electric Company under the guidance of the Communist Youth League with the actual situation of the company, electric company queue all members of the Mission Branch of the organization on July 16, 2011 at noon for the Mission Branch Committee general election.
Party branch secretary of this election by the company Zhuyan Xia, branch members Zhangji Rong, Jia Demei full supervision and guidance, the general election in accordance with pre-established program, announced candidates for the Mission Branch of the composition and standards, branch secretary of the last group all the Communist Youth League organization presided over by Comrade Yu Xuequan A total of 47 members and members who vote. According to the results of the spot meter roll call: Hou Jinhua comrades received 20 votes; get 16 votes when Xuexia comrades; week round comrades received 12 votes; Comrade Li Li received 12 votes. By all members active and serious democratic election, be appointed as League branch secretary, Comrade Hou Jinhua, when Xuexia Mission Branch, deputy secretary Comrade, Comrade Jun parade music organization member of the Mission Branch of information Comrade Jia Haiyan members.
Party branch secretary of the branch secretary Yuxue Quan Zhu Yanxia and the last group of this group Branch guidance Committee concluded general elections, confirmed the previous committee members of the company has made outstanding contributions to youth and encourage the fine tradition of the new heritage committee, to forge ahead The majority of youth services for the company, while the young people how to do career planning, improve their thinking, the business level of the group members made a strong hope.
After the successful re-election work, the Mission Branch members on how to continue to carry out a mission branch of work, better to play an active role in issues such as youth members had a lively discussion.
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