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Tender in question and answer integration

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See a lot of friends recently asked good questions, some users were brilliant answer, multiple users answer is multi-angle, making the collection as a complete answer satisfactory answer. If left to its own sink, unfortunately, it should be sorted out into different categories to do it, maybe tomorrow I will ask you one question, need an answer.
      Included in the selection criteria is the problem to be representative and universal significance, brilliant and rich full answer. Of course, questions and answers are mostly different users keep abreast of the integration.
      Time I read one after another to finishing the last post, post finishing range is the bidding section, the time span from now to the first post in this section (2010-2003) also welcomed the order sent to me by friends or keep abreast of.
      I also hope my friends in the future when answering Posts essay to do the same as the legal basis and the analysis clear, easy to use verification and friends.
      Users in particular, you should say a title Posts understand users problems found in the attached order is not clear to ask many questions, often made this post, "ask a few questions," so others from the post title point of view not what you want to ask questions, of course, less concerned about friends and the opportunity to answer, I do not have time in finishing order, and sometimes had to paste in the interception of a word as the title, so the title does not match your original post, not necessarily be able to highlighted topics, or to re-play title? Anyway, is not ideal, as when you Posts from the good and eye-catching and appropriate title.
      Finishing among the inevitable omissions, but also to give users please make corrections.
      If users feel that these questions and answers can not make you satisfied, no matter what, you can continue to keep abreast of best perfect answer, this answer is not to become more perfect yet.
Tender contract:
  Project bidding, B, pre-B can undertake projects in the field? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48791&page=1 # 154948
    Investment projects can be commissioned by the central Ministry of Construction approved the construction bidding, qualification it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48259
To be built, the order of bidding problems http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=33195&fpage=35
Move to adopt the above network BBS hot "tender agent fees to be charged"? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=10547&fpage=43
Would like to ask about the owners of the conditions (whether in the name of the headquarters project, responsible for tendering, to contract, to pay) http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14646&fpage=88
Proposed research and undertake "to move analysis" http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14690&fpage=89
(Project has not been approved, has been bidding activity) ... ... the answer? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14350&fpage=91
Mechanical and electrical products online international bidding process to adjust and FAQ (Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce jointly issued a document 331 files) http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14330&fpage=91
International bidding questions http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=5280&fpage=91
Several mechanical and electrical products in the international bidding questions (xx) - "goods", "device", "Machinery and Electronic Products" http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13866&fpage=92
On hospitals, schools, scientific research institutes, equipment procurement http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=49902&page=e & # a
On the "minor works may not be affiliated construction tender" understanding http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=49768
Please comment on the total investment of 3,000 million yuan or more, but only tens of thousands of individual investment projects bidding question? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=60783&page=1&toread=1 # 222834
Tender documents:
Professional engineering in the construction of temporary and contract tender evaluation questions? ? ? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48627&fpage=2
How to understand the "defects liability period" in the "defects" word http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47861&fpage=4
Problems on their own tender http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48069&fpage=5
Practice "Tender Law", "Procurement Law" Rethinking the two laws conflict http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=46442&fpage=10
If for some reason to be a few successful, any other way? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48472&fpage=3&page=1
Performance bond http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48351&fpage=3
Defects liability period and the quality of the warranty period of doubt http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=15979&fpage=6
Construction tenders into the tender guidance of the most explicit of the two projects http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47431&fpage=6
International tender for the mechanical and electrical products can change the number of tender understanding http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47178&fpage=7
Ask "rate tenders," attention should be problem! http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47170&fpage=8
Program how to cast the tender selected http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=46418&fpage=11
Multiple tenders but only in the case of a standard scheduling rules http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47038&fpage=9 successful candidate
Tender agent service fees borne by the winning unit, then, how to compile into the tender documents http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=44656&fpage=15
Can also require bidders and the tender should be done similar projects http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=44219&fpage=15
International open tender documents in Chinese and English language problems http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=29253&fpage=16
How to understand the rate tender and the tender list?? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43883&fpage=16
Limited to the highest offer at the same time limits the maximum integrated unit, is legitimate and reasonable? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43431&fpage=17
Ministry of Commerce No. 395 on some questions http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14519&fpage=17
Qualifications and tender documents of tender notice is to be exactly the same qualifications http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43006&fpage=18
On the consortium's problem http://bbs.ebnew.com//read.phphtml?tid=41720
Bidders a reasonable amount http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=42207&fpage=20
Of the tender notice in the "same performance requirements' specification http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=42251&fpage=20
Base Price BOQ bar tender price control price http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48048&page=1
Bidding price and ceiling price difference http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=37745&fpage=21 Han
Commonwealth does not accept the tender, whether to limit the potential bidders http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41358&page=1 # 122979
How to understand the tender documents in the "★" number terms? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41504&fpage=23
Tender documents in terms of the contract or how the depth of the preparation of tender documents prepared in terms of the contract http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41435&fpage=23
In practice, review of tender documents should pay attention to what? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41278&fpage=23
How to choose easy to use templates make the tender documents. http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41294&fpage=24
Tender Notice how those elements should be included? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12477&fpage=24
Performance bond is greater than 25% of the price reasonable you http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41108&fpage=24
On "lowest bid accredited law" and "lowest evaluated bid price by the assessment method," the difference between the issue http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=17857&fpage=25
Invite tenders able to reduce the time required for bidding? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=34335&fpage=26
2007 model plus the standard bidding documents of construction contracts in 1999 model http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=38861&fpage=28
Tender documents quoted in RMB http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=37508&fpage=29
About the time of pre-qualified "good faith deposit" http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=37506&fpage=29
Basic accounts and general accounts http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=37721&fpage=29
Acting on a number of agents to bid the manufacturer's product supply business how to calculate the number of replies http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=33287&fpage=36
Scoring method does not want to change by http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=23758&fpage=61
Bid bond valid http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=19911&fpage=67
Several questions about the construction tender (7) - sub-tender http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14066&fpage=88
Several questions about the construction tender (d) - consortium bid qualification http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13815&fpage=88
We discuss: the preparation of tender documents where errors may occur from time to time http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14560&fpage=88
Ministry of Commerce of mechanical and electrical products of international standard tender documents for tender several questions about the text (c) http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13122&fpage=88
The 2008 edition of "mechanical and electrical products of international competitive bidding procurement documents" (Volume I) and a few questions http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14258&fpage=90
Reproduced: Should the tender documents as part of contract documents http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14584&fpage=90
Validity of the tender bid bond should be valid for thirty days or more than the tender validity period with the same? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13944&fpage=91
Ask questions http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13703&fpage=94 lift tender
Certificates of origin, specifically referring to what http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12986&fpage=97
"Eligibility" is not appropriate to make "evaluation factors" [Share] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12914&fpage=99
Problem: The above "," below "is included in this number? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=11986&fpage=104
How to get the institute to provide the owners of the electronic version of the drawings? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=10099&fpage=110
Turnkey engineering problems? Problems are more! http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=10789&fpage=113
How long the tender validity period is more appropriate http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=6546&fpage=127
Name and tender drawings, bills of quantities not name how to deal with http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=51550
Quoted: temporary valuation, behind in the amount of reserve gold http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=53435&page=e & # a
International tender documents:
Language problems, expert doubts http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=9718&fpage=115
When the tenders in the international tender to pay attention to the problem! ! http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=10192&fpage=116
Before the opening of tenders:
The first tender failed, the second tender refuse to register the first unit of the tender bid? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48807
Design units to participate in the tender issue http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48173&fpage=2&page=1 supervision
Re-organize the tender is to be submitted to the original project examination and approval department? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48755
Ask ~ ~ urgent! No longer tender conditions? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48662
How long should sell the tender document in the end [Share] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48293&fpage=2&page=1
Business license is not only qualified to register? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47909&fpage=5
Group and subsidiary companies with independent legal personality, able to purchase the tender is not the same project? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=45866&fpage=12
Opening time of the delay, should be entirely the right to bar owners http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=45844&keyword =% BF% AA% B1% EA% CA% B1% BC% E4% B5% C4% CD% C6% B3% D9% A3% AC% D3% A6% B8% C3% CA% C7% CD% EA% C8% AB% CA% F4% D3% DA% D2% B5% D6% F7% B5% C4% C8% A8% C0% FB% B0% C9
Can not pay the security deposit to participate in the bidding does not? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43524&fpage=16
Consult legal relations (domestic agents bidding agent for foreign products) http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43654&fpage=17
Bid bond is the person to tender or the tender agent received it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=42591&fpage=19
How can we control the price of quick legal issue, answering the tender documents and other additional information that can mail you http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41528&fpage=22
Before the tender opening can let bidders know that a total of several bidding? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=37495&fpage=21
[Learning] [problems] Bidding site inspection of confidentiality? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=23955&fpage=61
Temporary change in opening locations provoke embarrassment http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=23557&fpage=62
Tender on the network to give a unified unit of Q, no longer a written Q & a, I do not know Can you? Expert interaction 7-5 http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=18330&fpage=74
Fourth, the performance bond can be understood as a breach of contract deposit? Expert interaction 7-4 http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=18329&fpage=74
What businesses and manufacturers to install a consortium bid it be? Expert interaction 7-2 http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=18325&fpage=74
Sub-tender, the tender is the general contractor do? Project owners can participate in interactive 7-1 http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=18319&fpage=74 expert advice
Tender in the calibration of the successful candidate before they allow on-site visits? [6-2] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=16938&fpage=80 interactive experts
Use the Internet to publish the tender documents on issues related to expert interaction [6-4] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=16940&fpage=80
Questioned on the tender documents? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=15000&fpage=86
Manufacturers on international tender a letter of authorization problem? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=15235&fpage=86
Issue international tender help, urgent! http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12494&fpage=99
By phone, fax, e-mail and other forms of the initiative to tell potential bidders participate in the tender, illegal it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=11845&fpage=106
This design can also bid it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=49624
Opening in the:
No bid bond submitted tender documents can receive? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48631&page=1
If the tendering unit lost before the opening of tender documents should I do? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48565&fpage=3
Unfortunately the annulment http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48325&fpage=3
This marked the close it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48058&fpage=4
The forfeiture of bid bond? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47228&fpage=8
Check the seal problem, you do not check the second layer of packaging http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=45781&fpage=13
Before the opening of the tender on the entry qualification http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=44660&fpage=13 unit
Commonwealth re-tender for a question http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=44358&fpage=15
Consortium bidding for a doubt! ! ! http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=44355&fpage=15
Register on the bidders' qualifications capital issues http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43312&fpage=17
Tender offside yet http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=42622&fpage=19
Oversight power to annulment do http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41901&fpage=20
The international open tender bid evaluation price in the price http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41915&fpage=20
On the bid summary is inconsistent with the tender offer letter should be how to deal with http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=38834&fpage=23
Ask the older generation: the problem http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=37390&fpage=29 application to purchase the tender documents
Who announced the bid deadline to deadline to? Who make time to judge the decision? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=34761&fpage=34
Announced the annulment directly when opening it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=11114&fpage=48
A copy of the tender documents can be served before the opening http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=20451&fpage=67
Legal tender within the required signatures, but stamped with the corporate seal of the bidder, its bid is invalid http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=15110&fpage=88
After the opening line is not registered in the international tender bidders should be how to deal with? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12649&fpage=99
Before opening the tender document did not find how to do the required seal [Share] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12797&fpage=100
Tender in the tender after the deadline should be how long can reject the tender documents? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12484&fpage=101
BBS on the move to adopt net sealed bids hot issue http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=11888&fpage=106
Analysis: Late bids shall be rejected if the? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=7892&fpage=109
As a separate sealed bid list, so forget the official seal http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=7177&fpage=109
Bid Evaluation:
Ask questions (there are three conditions meet the annulment, the results on the remaining two qualified) how to do? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48535
Less than three on the effective bid, reject all tenders can understand http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=46414
Tender documents can not be changed to clarify the substantive content of http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48450&fpage=3
Seal seal used on tender discussion http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48229&fpage=4
Subsidiaries and affiliates http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48204&fpage=4
(Construction bidding) to review performance information of bidders to be familiar with at least the following three awards http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47359&fpage=6
Qualification as required in the original proof of relevant, bidders did not provide the judges how to deal with? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47190&fpage=7
Bidder's offer is too low how to deal with http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47342&fpage=8
Clear responsibility to take the subject? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47095&fpage=8
"Pre-qualification, the general will no longer be eligible after the trial, but, except as otherwise provided in the tender documents' understanding http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=46916&fpage=9
Read the law on waste projects, and re-recruit current provisions found two problems http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=46372&fpage=11
Project Management public tender bid to be the successful bidder is invalid, how to determine the successful bidder? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=45694&fpage=11
Letter did not write the amount bid, the annulment should not? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=25702&fpage=12
Wholly owned subsidiary of the tender to the parent company qualified work? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=44751&fpage=14
Bidding, to grasp how the policy evaluation time http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=45057&fpage=14
Advice on successful qualification http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43322&fpage=17
How to determine the "annulment" in the minor deviations (introduced Tang Guangqing teacher's comments) http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=43366&fpage=18
Deliberately concealed the existence of the successful bidder in the construction project manager, the case http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=42746&fpage=19
Copy of the official seal of the bidder did not cover the case of major deviations or minor deviations? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=49114
The bidding process can confiscate illegal bid bond? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=49232
Do not let the tender documents accompanying color pages "do" http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=8525&fpage=30
Why can not public tender evaluation process open, why do we have black-box evaluation? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=35106&fpage=31
On the "tender offer", "price correction", "evaluated bid price" and the "price", "contract price" case http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13852&fpage=35&page=1
Evaluation activities, how to organize http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=31396&fpage=38
Relevant state laws and regulations of the evaluation methods and evaluation experts, summarizes the requirements of the relevant provisions of http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=31007&fpage=39
"Is not an integer when the insertion method, to retain the decimal point two" http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=28842&fpage=42
Bidding on construction work in the evaluation of tenders http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=27349&fpage=47
Bid summary and bid documents are inconsistent how to do? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=17624&fpage=76
Several questions about the construction tender (7) - technical experts, business experts scoring http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13895&fpage=76
Evaluation of information submitted during the middle of annulment can be used as the basis for it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=17112&fpage=77
6 questions to a help, thank you http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=16589&fpage=81
(Reproduced) bidding, evaluation of some expert advice! Worth learning from! Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=16594&fpage=82
Opening day of the bid evaluation committee should be the People's Bank of China monetary tender offer price for the evaluation of the central parity of the currency conversion in order to calculate the price http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12811&fpage=100 evaluation
RMB offer must determine whether the domestic product? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12263&fpage=104
Bank guarantees are not issued by the state-owned banks and the Bank of China without the guarantee certificate http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=9216&fpage=109
Usually import tax is calculated? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=7891&fpage=123
Help: international tender on the deviation from the scope of supply problems http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=52309
How to determine the annulment http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=54901
Copy with the original tender documents for copying, do not re-seal count annulment! http://bbs.ebnew.com/read-htm-tid-60462.html
After the evaluation:
Seven ministries and 11 orders in the complaint is a legal entity that how to understand? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48679
On questions, complaints, objections to the different provisions http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=48690&fpage=2
How to deal with a major design change? ? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=47507&fpage=7
Whether the successful bidder can be entrusted to other companies signed a purchase contract? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=44081&fpage=15
The first 30 days of the successful bidder does not sign the construction contract, to the second, third if you can not sign? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=42985&fpage=18
Ask for advice after the tender summary information format! ! ! ! http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=42010&fpage=20
Judges review mistakes, evaluation results can be amended or rejected as it? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=41502&page=1 # 122964
Tendering process marked the end http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=36892&fpage=31
Non-refundable tender deposit could also seek compensation for losses after? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=25247&fpage=53
Agency eating an acquaintance of loss http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=24957&fpage=58
Help: Where the evaluation after the end of a thorny issue http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=18161&fpage=75
Can reject all tenders tender (including the successful candidate) http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=18072&fpage=76
How to understand the complaints of the main qualification problem? [6-3] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=16939&fpage=80 interactive experts
Who waste my mark? - Sweep aside the "annulment" layers of fog http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=14619&fpage=84
Another problem: the judges out of a conclusion, the tender body found wrong, how to do? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=2541&fpage=88
Emergency contracts and bidding documents are inconsistent, to whom shall prevail? Emergency http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13449&fpage=93
Engineering at trial and administrative cost of the final audit to determine who is who [Share] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13432&fpage=95
Forfeiture of bid bond of ownership? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=13322&fpage=97
What if the contract price and allow the final evaluation of the price discrepancy is due to send some unnecessary trouble? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=222&fpage=100
Sub-contract tender requirements and found how to do? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12197&fpage=101
[Seminar] Zhou Huan Wang: doubt encounter professional legal analysis of complaints [Share] http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=12243&fpage=104
Sudden changes in the project (planning changed, and multi-level change), need to re-tender http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=11603&fpage=106
[Help] can return the tender documents on the issue? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=11722&fpage=107
Voluntarily give up the winning bid opportunities, how to deal with? http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=49568
Bid notice is issued, the owners found not to meet the requirements, supposed to? Http://bbs.ebnew.com/read.phphtml?tid=4490&fpage=109
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