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Successful week in advance of information leakage ZTT suspected illegal letter Phi [turn]

2011-7-19   Source:   View:1137

Following the "Securities Daily" reported that "quality", yesterday, ZTT finally clarify the notice issued to the investors informed of the circumstances, the default is a problem the fact that cable.
According to clarify the announcement, reporters tracking found that notice referred to in the special information in the company winning the wire June 8, 2011 before the official disclosure, by Zhongtian Group General Manager Wei Lu Department of grid leak in advance, through the media, securities reported, the company's share price responded in advance. Related lawyer said in an interview that the alleged practice of disclosure violations.
Early disclosure of information
Reporters found in the survey, one in June 8, 2011 announcement of the bid information only, in time for the announcement a week ago by the company network general manager Lu Wei disclosed to the media in advance.
May 31, 2011, a securities ZTT media reported the successful case of special wire, the report said, "Zhongtian Technology Group, May 30, Lu Wei, general manager of power to the media, the national power grid in the first and the second groups of special wire tender, the successful rate of 43.01% ZTT, successful growth of 571.76 percent year on year last year; special wire in place in the tender, the successful rate of 47.06% ZTT, an increase of 196.62% scalar, which means that of China's power grid construction in fast-growing market of special wires, also marks the ZTT special wire competitiveness and market share improved significantly. "
A week later, winning the official release of ZTT notice. According to the announcement, the company "State Grid Corporation of 2011, the first, second batch of 220 kV and above transmission lines equipment materials bidding, China Southern Power Grid in 2011 220KV, 110KV class of the first wire steel core aluminum twisted procurement bid line, aluminum-clad steel core, aluminum wire, aluminum-clad steel wire, OPGW cable total bid 533 million yuan. "
May 31 exposure from lead bid information to the Special June 8, the company released bid announcement, the company stock price go up again, for 5 with Yang, gained 7.94%, while the broader market rose only 1.4 percent over the same period.
Some lawyers said the interview, as the company's core business personnel, Wei Lu Although not state the specific amount of the bid, but the way it used to disclose the relative value of winning the case of special wire - "the successful growth of 571.76 percent compared to last year." According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, "Information Disclosure of Listed Companies," Article IV, in accordance with the law prior to the disclosure of insider information, or any insider leaked the information shall not be disclosed, must not use the information for insider trading. Meanwhile, according to the provisions of Article VI, the information disclosure obligations in the company website and other media may not publish information of time before the designated media, not to press releases or any other form of answering a reporter's question should be performed instead of reporting, announcement obligation not to should perform periodic reports instead of the interim reporting obligations. From these two terms, ZTT this alleged disclosure violations.
Deputy General Manager for six months, less than two
Reporters found that the "problem products" event and "successful leak" occurred nearly six months, as corporate governance, the "gatekeeper" of the Secretary of the Board twice a replacement, the company chairman, who act as secretaries general manager Xue Jiping duties three months .
December 7, 2010, the company announced that current Board Secretary Luo Ruihua request to the Board of Directors resigned the post of Deputy General Manager, prior to the appointment of new secretaries, acting board chairman and general manager Xue Jiping secretary duties. However, the original vacancy can be temporarily replace former Deputy General Manager Liu Ning, board secretary also handed his resignation that month, Xue Jiping face it, Chairman, General Manager, Deputy General Manager three levels up to 3 months. March 18, the Board was to determine the securities on behalf of Yang Dongyun secretary for the Board of Directors.
Based on "Corporate Governance Guidelines," provides continuous information disclosure is the responsibility of listed companies. Early exposure leads to successful information technology companies market governance structure for transit questioned.